dip coating coater optical smoke density electronics development

Dip coating devices

Dip coating devices are intended for preparation of thin layers by dipping solid substrates into the sol. Our devices allows for execution of precise, repeatable dip coating cycles according to preset parameters (dipping speeds, upper and lower positions, delays, number of layers to deposit etc.) Some devices are able to control temperature and humidity inside the dipping box. Our devices are designed for laboratory usage and are suitable even for small substrate dimensions.

Smoke optical density measurement

Smoke optical density measurement device consists of modulated light source, synchronous light detector and a control unit. The device measures intensity of light travelling from light source into the detector. Thanks to the synchronization of light source and ligt detector (system works as lock-in amplifier) the device is, to some extent, immune to ambient ligt and thus might be operated under normal daylight conditions.

As a standard the light source is fitted with halogen lamp and the detector uses Si PIN diode with human eye sensitivity correction filter. The light beam is collimated with diameter of 2.54mm (1"). This configuration conforms to most testing standards. On request different types of light sources and detectors can be used.

In case that none of our stadard devices meets your needs, we can modify it or even design a new custom device for you.