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Fotometer 2008 COOL

This model's light source and light detector can be installed directly into the testing chamber. They are equipped with water cooling jacket and their design is robust enough to withstand harsh environment inside the chamber including tepmperatures up to 150 degrees celsius. The input windows have air-purge units which prevent any dust from spoiling the window. The device requires connections to water supply for cooling and pressured air for air purging of the windows.

Device description

Light attenuation meter FOTOMETER 2008 consists of modulated light source, lockin type light detector and control unit. The device measures intensity of light traveling from the light source to the light detector. It makes the device suitable for measurement changes of attenuation of light in the area between the light source and the light detector. Due to synchronization between light source modulation and the light detector the device is, to some extent, immune to ambient light and could be operated under normal day light conditions. The readout of intensity value is in linear arbitrary units (AU) and is not directly related to any engineering units. The device is intended only for measurement of relative changes in light intensity. The device has four decadic ranges and could be operated in two different modes. In manual mode the ranges must be switched manually by user. In automatic mode the device itself changes its mode when intensity readout goes out of actual range.

Communication interface

The device is equipped with communication interface USB and RS232 for data acquisition by personal computer. Software for data acquisition and control is available for Windows XP/VISTA operating system.

Plug-in input/output modules

Plug-in modules extend the usage of the device for measurement of other values (temperature, pressure etc.) as well as for the measurement system control. Following plug-in modules are available:

  • ADC analog input module (8 channels -5V..5V)
  • DAC analog output module (4 channels 0..5V)
  • DIN digital input module (8 TTL compatible inputs)
  • DOUT digital output module (8 open-collector outputs)
  • STP stepper motor driver (one bipolar stepper motor)

Documents for download

Datasheet (CZ): f8_datasheet_cz.pdf
Datasheet (EN): f8_datasheet_en.pdf
Device user guide (EN): fotometer_guide_en.pdf
Software user guide (CZ): fotometer_sw_guide_cz.pdf
Communication protocol description for USB (CZ): fotometer2008_protokol_cz.pdf
Communication protocol description for RS232 (CZ): fotometer2008_protokol_rs232_cz.pdf