dip coating coater optical smoke density electronics development

Coater 5 STD

The STD version of Coater 5 coating device is the basic dip coating model. It provides easy access to the coating box due to three removable covers (front and both side covers). The covers are mounted to the box by four bayonet locks each and might be removed completely (no hinges are used). The device consists of control unit mounted in 3U high 19” rack case and a coating box.

Dip coating mechanism

Linear positioning mechanism consists of one axis linear guide with a carriage driven by precision screw. Linear guide uses two stainless steel rods and a carriage with sealed linear ball bearings. The carriage is driven by lead screw with an anti-backlash nut. It provides excellent smoothness and precision of motion. The mechanism is powered by DC servo motor with incremental encoder. Servo motor driver uses encoder position feedback to achieve precise motor speed as well as travel distance metering. A sample holder is attached to the carriage typically by two screws and can be easily removed. The carriage has a set of threaded holes to accommodate various sample holders. Standard holder is designed for holding up to ten microscopic glass slides. Holder for different shapes of samples could be provided on request.

Control system

All experiment parameters are user adjustable using buttons and knobs on the control panel. These parameters include downwards carriage speed, upwards carriage speed, upper point delay, bottom point delay, upper point position, bottom point position, manual motion carriage speed, park position and experiment mode. There are three experiment modes available. Simple mode executes whole dipping cycle on a single button press. Automatic mode performs the whole dip coating process cycle automatically with preset parameters without any user intervention. Manual mode allows performing dipping cycle step by step as required by user. The device can be also controlled from a personal computer connected via USB or serial port RS232.

Documents for download

Data sheet (CZ): coater5_std_specifications_cz.pdf
Data sheet (EN): coater5_std_specifications_en.pdf
User's guide - dip coating (EN): c5std_manual_en.pdf
User's guide - dip coating (CZ): c5std_manual_cz.pdf